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Women Men Adore -Get Your Ex BackWomen Men Adore: Every man dreams of ‘the perfect woman’, and most women want their partner to adore them. But what exactly are those perfect traits that make men adore a woman, and how can you make a man fall in love with you while still being yourself? Is it possible to become the woman men adore and want to love and to be with?

The stereotypical model-type, or busty glamour puss will always turn a man’s head, but these exterior features are not necessarily what a man sees as the subject of his undying adoration.

Here are some of the common attributes present in the kinds of woman that men adore.

• Men are highly sensitive to a woman who seems special, or different to other women they've dated. Women know their own best qualities, so once you get a sense of the kind of man he is, show him what makes you unique, and how you think you can be his perfect match.

• Men are much more interested in a woman who is a little ‘hard to get’. This means not always being available when he wants, and allowing him to think about you and miss you being around

• Men adore women who possess a high degree of self respect, and who also demand respect from them

• Men adore a woman who is self confident and completely comfortable in her own skin.

• Men are naturally protective, so while self confidence is essential, it’s also vital that you let him know you are attracted to his strength and that he makes you feel safe. Asking for his help is a huge turn-on

• Men are attracted to a woman with a sense of humor, but that doesn't mean a woman who tells bawdy jokes. Men are drawn to playful flirting and suggestive, witty repartee

• Men are turned on by a woman who shows a high level of intelligence, but never one who commandeers a conversation or corrects him in public

• Men will always be attracted to a woman who is well groomed, dresses smartly and gives the impression that she loves the way she looks, and showing a little skin doesn't hurt, to initially grab his attention

• Men love to impress their friends, so he’ll love it when he introduces you to his buddies and you can make a striking impression on them right from the start

• Men really love a woman who can cook up a storm

• Men adore a woman who enjoys making love as much as he does, so once your relationship is established, and he’s already made the first move in bed, it’s important to keep the sparks flying by initiating the action regularly

• Men need fidelity and commitment to the relationship.
It goes without saying that not all relationships are built to last, but with the incorporation and renewal of just a few of these characteristics, you’ll be the subject of your man’s undying adoration in a long and happy relationship. If you want to capture his heart and make him give you the world, if you want men to adore you, respect and love you, then you need to read this How to Capture a Man's Heart and Make Him Give You all You Want

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